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Cryogenic Valve Solutions

Apart from operating at very low temperatures, these valves operate where the fluid can be a gas or a liquid and therefore must be designed and tested to accept the pressure and temperature gradients as the fluid changes state.

At the higher temperatures we have the L20 high pressure solenoid valve that was specifically designed for liquid CO2 used in fire suppression, laboratory and special effects applications, with or without ATEX certification.

At -196C we have the L88/L89 2 way solenoid valves that have been designed and proven not to freeze up under operation which is a common problem for other manufacturers.

We also have the Boscarol range of globe, check, manifold, regulating and economizer valves which have been proved over 50 years of continuous manufacturing. These products can be customised to suit each requirement with a large variety of options.

For more information and assistance with selection of an appropriate product for your applications or for any questions please contact us.

Common cryogenic fluid temperatures

Our range of cryogenic valves are suitable for temperatures down  to -196C. For other gases and temperatures below this, very specialist solutions are required and often referred to as 2K or 4K  valves.

Boscarol globe, check, needle and manifold valves, regulators and economizers designed for cryogenic fluids down to -196C Boscarol cryogenic globe valves are available in long stem versions for cold lines and short stem for hot lines Nadi L20 series 2/2 normally closed solenoid valve with Urepan seals for liquid CO2 duty up to 100Bar Nadi L88 and L89 series solenoid valves specially designed for liquid nitrogen duty at -196C without freezing up

 Solenoid Valves

 L20 - 2/2 normally closed, 3/8”BSP, 0.5-100Bar for  liquid CO2 -80C, brass body with Urepan seals.  IP65 standard, option for IP67 or IP67 ATEX Exd

 L88/L89 - normally closed, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” or  3/4”BSP, 0-10Bar for liquid nitrogen -196C, brass  or stainless steel body with PTFE seals. IP65  standard, option for IP67 or IP67 ATEX Exd

 Manual Valves

 Globe valves threaded BSP or NPT, weld BW or  SW  and flanged PN40 or ANSI 150/300 connections,  DN6-DN50, 40Bar max, -196C +50C,  304 or 316  stainless steel body, flanged or  threaded bonnet,  long or short stem, handwheel  operated

 Check valves weld BW or SW connections, DN10-  DN50, 40Bar max, -196C +50C, 304 stainless steel  body, flanged or threaded bonnet

 Economizers and reducing valves, threaded BSP  or  weld SW, DN6.5-DN25, 35Bar max, -196C   +50C,  brass, 304 or 316 stainless steel body

 3 way or 4 way bypass or manifold needle valves,  BSP, NPT or UNF connections, stainless steel  body,  40Bar max, -196C +50C