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 Directional Control Valves 3 way and 5 way

There are a vast number of different valves designed to achieve directional control for process air or gas. From simple hand operated units, through electrically operated solenoid valves to large bore high pressure valves fitted with electrical or pneumatic actuators, there are so many different variations of performance, ratings, speed of operation and many other factors that selecting the optimum solution is not always simple.

At Red Dragon we can help you to find the correct combination of specification, lead time, cost and certification to suit your needs exactly. The following pages will give a broad outline of some of our ranges and the one best for you may not be apparent. Call us on +44 (0) 1443 772500 and we will be able to review our full range of products to provide the one that matches your requirements perfectly.

Solenoid valves:

3/2 normally closed, 3/2 normally open, 3/2 universal, 3/2 manual reset, 3/2 manual latching, 3/2 redundant (double valve)

5/2 monostable, 5/2 manual reset, 5/2 bistable

5/3 centre position closed (all ports blocked), 5/3 centre position open (pressure released)

Inline, Namur or subbase mount

Air operated valves:

3/2 normally closed, 3/2 normally open or 3/2 universal, 3/2 manual reset

5/2 monostable, 5/2 manual reset, 5/2 bistable

Manual spool valves, 3 way or 5 way

Actuated ball valves 3 way with ¼ turn actuators - electric or pneumatic, globe valves with electric or pneumatic actuators

Accessories - quick exhaust valves; unidirectional or bidirectional flow regulators; silencers & bug  screens

Duty specific variants:

Nadi D05 5/2 dual coil bistable stainless steel 1/4" solenoid valves, Exd ATEX certifiedSitecna DP range of 3/2 and 5/2 hand or pilot air operated spool valves in 316L stainless steel, ATEX & GOST certifiedNadi C38 1/2" and C28 1/4" Exd ATEX certified 3/2 solenoid valves available in brass or stainless steel for Zone 1 Category 2 areas