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Applications Low Ambient Temp
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Low Ambient Temperature Solutions

As the ambient temperature operating requirement drops below 0 degrees C, careful selection of component designs and sealing materials are vital to ensure consistent performance. On this page we’ve highlighted some of our products with extended low temperature operating capability.

Beyond the product specification, the media must also be managed to maintain flow capability.

Compressed air or gas must be very dry with a low dew point to ensure that any water vapour doesn’t condense and freeze within the pipe or valve.

Water needs to be heated and run in insulated pipework or mixed with sufficient additives that the fluid freeing point is lower than the minimum expected ambient temperature.

Oils and other process fluids need to be heated and/or insulated from the ambient temperatures in order to maintain a product viscosity that will sustain flow. In these cases, often the valves need to have steam or hot water heating jackets to prevent valve failure due to product solidification.

Most electronic devices become unreliable or stop working as the temperature falls belowzero. Instead they can be housed in heated enclosures or trace heating may be employed to prevent failure.

For more information and assistance with selection of an appropriate product for your applications or for any questions please contact us.

Low Ambient Temp