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Example system schematic showing monitoring of pressure, flow and power in a compressed air system

Process Measurement

Measurement of process conditions is vital in many plant systems in order for the control system to determine actions resulting from the comparison of the measured variable and setpoint or threshold.

In addition to being incorporated into control loop functions, the measurement data can be used to determine consumption and losses for energy efficiency or running cost allocation for different cost centres.

For greatest efficiency, the sensors must easily link to control systems or monitoring devices through a choice of interface protocols to suit the plant standard.

All measurement devices will need regular calibration traceable to national or international standards in order to prevent the accumulation of errors over time.

We can offer sensors for the following functions including calibration service when needed.

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The schematic example above shows a compressed air system being monitored through pressure, flow and power measurement in order to analyse the system efficiency.

The addition of dew point and temperature sensors to this scheme would allow further refinement of the measured compressed air quality and help to flag up early failure of filters, dryers or other components.